A Guide To New Yorker’s Beach Resort – Locloc, Bauan, Batangas

New Yorker's Beach Resort Cottages

New Yorker’s Beach Resort

We recently visited New Yorker’s Beach Resort located at Locloc, Bauan, Batangas. This small white beach situated in the Southwest of Batangas province is nestled among untouched mountains and faces the crystal clear ocean with an abundance of marine life.

New Yorker’s Beach Resort is owned by Filipinos who were once New Yorkers. It was an amazing experience to be in a place so far away but have a bit of New York right there amongst the picturesque natural beauty. The resort rooms are named for iconic New York City landmarks and every room is laden with a modern and captivating ambiance.

No matter which room you choose, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable and friendly environment for your stay. All of the staff members we encountered were friendly and willing to answer any questions we had. The grounds were well-maintained and lush with tropical plant life, providing a perfect backdrop for any photos you’d like to take. We especially enjoyed the beach, with its serene atmosphere and picturesque sunsets.


Room Rates (as of February 2023)

The resort offers several accommodation options to choose from. For starters, you have Strawberry Hill for P10K per night for up to 10 people. Next, you have the Central Park/Rockefeller for P7K per night for up to 10 people. For those willing to spend a little less, Rooms Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, The Times Square is available for 5K for up to 4 people.

Alternatively, if you wish to spend a bit more, you can have rooms Washington Bridge, Radio City Hall, Empire State, and Adirondack Mountain for P6500 for up to 7 people. Additionally, the Bahay Kubo is also available for only P2500 for up to 4 people with a double deck.

Lastly, if saving budget is a priority, then the cottages offer the best deal at P500.

New Yorker's Beach Resort

Strawberry Hill – P10,000 per night (up to 10 pax)

New Yorker's Beach Resort

Rooms Central Park/Rockefeller P7,000 per night (up to 10pax)

New Yorker's Beach Resort

Rooms: Niagara Falls/Statue of Liberty/The Times Square – P4,000-5,000 per night (up to 4pax)

New Yorker's Beach Resort

Rooms: Washington Bridge, Radio City Hall, Empire state, Adirondack Mountain- P6,500 (up to 7pax)

New Yorker's Beach Resort Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo- P2,500 per night (up to 4pax with double deck)

New Yorker's Beach Resort Cottages

Cottages- P500

Entrance Fee:

Ecological Fee – Php 20.00
Day Tour – Php 100.00, Entrance Fee Overnight – Php 200.00

The experience at the resort is not only limited to the accommodation. Being a friendly spot for a beach vacation, there are a lot of activities to do. There are numerous options for water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking, boating, and island hopping.

How to get there:

Location: Sitio Bubuyan, Brgy. Locloc, Bauan, Batangas, 4201

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