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Ambon Ambon Falls and Malagaslas Falls in Laurel Batangas

The town of Laurel in the province of Batangas maintains a pair of natural wonders that are mostly known only to its residents. The twin falls of Ambon-ambon and Malagaslas offer an appealing scenery for those looking for a relaxing vacation in a tropical environment.

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Where is it Located? 

The falls are located in Brgy. San Gabriel on separate sides of a forest cover. Each fall can be reached on foot in around 30 minutes from the jump-off point in Sitio Salipit. Then it’ll be a short walk from the two falls.

You will cross several river streams over these bamboo stilt bridges on your way to the falls. The river stream was crystal clear everywhere you looked and tourists were free to swim wherever they wanted.

The exciting part is that you’ll walk in the river stream while removing your shoes and simply feeling the cold water coming from the falls.

If you get thirsty and forget to bring a water bottle, don’t worry because there are many springs in the area. It will make you extremely refreshed!

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After a few minutes of walking, you will begin to hear the gushing sound of the waterfalls, which will warmly welcome you to the breathtaking Ambon-Ambon Falls!

What is Ambon-Ambon Falls? 

First, what is Ambon-Ambon Falls? Ambon-Ambon Falls is a two-tiered cascade that is possibly the tallest in Laurel and all of Batangas. The water falls from a height of 60 meters into a shallow catch basin. The name “Ambon-Ambon” comes from the drop’s resemblance to drizzles,which in Filipino can be translated into AMBON.

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The other, smaller falls with the waist-deep lagoon is ideal for swimming and getting close to the waterfall. It’s also nice to put your back under it for a quick back massage!

What is Malagaslas Falls?

Malagaslas Falls or also called Malagaslas Spring is located on the way to Ambon-Ambon Falls of San Gabriel . A multi-tiered waterfall with small cascades and natural pools. It is a popular destination for locals, located approximately 10 minutes from the trailhead at Sitio Salipit and another 10 minutes from Ambon-Ambon. The entrance fee to Malagaslas Spring is P10 per person.

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The area has grown in size and development, making it more suitable for picnics. A number of cottages are available for rent, as well as food stalls. The sandbagged pool, supplied by the cascading waters of Malagaslas, is wider and just deep enough for a relaxing soak.

How to Get to Ambon Ambon Falls and Malagaslas Falls in Laurel Batangas? 

Take the bus to “Tanauan City/Lipa” from Cubao or in Pasay. Arrive at Tanauan City’s bus terminal and take a tricycle to the city market. Walk to the jeepney terminal to catch a ride to Laurel. Arrive at Laurel’s public market and hire a tricycle to Sitio Salipit. Inform the driver that you want to go to Ambon-ambon/Malagasy Falls.

Ambon-Ambon Falls and Malagaslas Falls are definitely worth visiting! It is a beautiful place surrounded by lush greenery and rock cliffs that almost reach the sky. If you enjoy this kind of setting, this is certainly the best place for tourists to visit while in Laurel, Batangas.

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