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Ataalaya Farmhouse in Alitagtag Batangas: Your Ideal Staycation

Love a place to relax, enjoy, and see beautiful views? Then join me in exploring the area of ​​Alitagtag Batangas.

Ataalaya Farmhouse

Everywhere in the world, many beautiful places can be seen, where you relax and during your stay. It is no surprise that Ataalaya Farmhouse in Alitagtag belongs to those places.

The name Ataalaya combines the Spanish words ‘Atalaya’ and ‘Taal,’ which means lookout tower or point. The most striking feature is the stunning view of Taal Lake, which includes the Taal Volcano, the lake’s islands, and, most notably, the majestic Mount Maculot, which dominates the landscape.

This is a great place for families and groups of friends to stay. It can also be used as a temporary location for events like retreats, private functions, small conferences, reunions, team building, weddings, and birthdays.

The house has a garage that can accommodate five cars, with additional parking space available throughout the property.

Aside from the breathtaking views, this hotel provides guests with a stylish and memorable experience. It combines Cape Dutch aesthetics with traditional Philippine design to create an exotic and inviting countryside home.

Ataalaya Farmhouse’s Amenities

Guests have nothing to worry about other than to enjoy their stay in Ataalaya Farmhouse because their facilities are beautiful, safe, and complete.

They have a bathroom, a bedroom where you can comfortably relax. A view that you can see even when you are in the hotel. Outdoors include a picnic area, gardens that you can take pictures of, and a kitchen with complete appliances.

They offer cable and satellite channels where they can watch everything they want to watch. Aside from food and drink, internet in public areas are also available and free of charge. Yes, it’s FREE.

In addition to the Ataalaya Amenities, you can also head to the relaxation area where you can get a spa lounge, soak in the jacuzzi and enjoy the nice ambiance around you. Guests can also go hiking here. For those who love to sing, they also have karaoke on offer at an additional cost.

Are you enticed to know what else you can learn about Ataalaya? If so, keep reading.

How to book at Ataalaya for your stay?

The following are ways to book a stay at Ataalaya Farmhouse:

  • via Agoda which is rate starts at Php7,200
  • via which is rate starts at Php7,200
  • via Airbnb, which is get up to Php3,300 FREE credits

Not all prices remain the same, so if you are interested in staying at Ataalaya Farmhouse, much better to open the page above for the latest rates update.

Where is Ataalaya Farmhouse located?

Ataalaya Farmhouse is located at Sitio Cabagan, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Alitagtag Batangas. Alitagtag is a landlocked municipality in the Batangas coastal province. The municipality has a land area of 24.76 square kilometers or 9.56 square miles, accounting for 0.79 percent of the total area of Batangas.

The cities closest to Alitagtag based on the great-circle distance (the shortest distance between two points on the Earth’s surface) are Batangas City, Lipa, Tagaytay, Tanauan Calamba, and San Pablo. Santa Teresita, Cuenca, Bauan, Taal, San Nicolas, and San Pascual are the closest municipalities.

Alitagtag is known as the “Holy Cross of Alitagtag,” an image allegedly hewn from the post of a fallen house made of anubing (a hardwood) that is revered in surrounding towns for its alleged mystical powers. Alitagtag was derived from “Alinagnag,” which means “a small distinct light” in the dialect.

Although every place has stories, there is no denying that Alitagtag Batangas is one you can visit because it is where you can visit Ataalaya Farmhouse.

How to go to Ataalaya Farmhouse?

It is strongly advised that guests bring their own private cars. However, public transportation, such as tricycles and jeepneys, is easily accessible.

If you commute, take a bus to Lemery or Batangas Pier/Lipa from Buendia or Alabang. Drop off at Sta. Cruz/Cuta East if the bus is heading to Lemery. Drop off at Tambo/Lipa City if traveling from Batangas Pier or Lipa

Take a jeep with the sign Lemery to Sta. Cruz/Cuta East. And from there, tricycles run to Ataalaya Farmhouse. It takes 1.5 hours to get from Alabang to Ataalaya Farmhouse. 

There is no denying that each place has its own beauty, just like this Ataalaya Farmhouse in Alitagtag. Aside from the fact that it has been beautified and every family can enjoy it, you still have time to observe the beautiful scenery.

If you are looking for a place to stay that the entire family can enjoy, you should try visiting Ataalaya Farmhouse to see what others have experience. Book your tickets and we will see you soon!


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