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BATANGAS EATS: Filit Cuisine

Ciao! Benvenuto in Italia!

Barako PH enters a new place here at Batangas City. Who would’ve known that in this little province there would be a little place called “Italy”.

Yes, You’ve heard it right! A place where you can smell the aroma and ambiance of Italy.

But hey there’s always a catch here in Batangas City.

“ Filit Cuisine” by its name is a combination of Filipino-Italian delicacies. I was expecting an under elite kind of group. But to my surprise, all the food was very cheap. So to my interest, to taste is to believe, if what I came here is regret or to be the next sprinkles of rainbow to my tongue.

Wondering some of the dishes served here? Would you believe me if I say they offer unli dishes for a very low price? YES!! THEY DO HAVE UNLIMITED FOODS AT SUCH A LOW PRICE! WHO WOULD’VE KNOWN!!!!! You could have unlimited pasta, chicken, rice and iced tea for only P299.00 additional P50.00 for unlimited fries. Can you believe it? Cause’ I can’t.

I can say that for the first time, I have no side comments on this restaurant. All I can say is that you should definitely try it! I really loved it!

Here are some of the dishes served to us. And I can say that they sure are pretty mouth watering.


Honey Barbeque from it’s name has a taste of barbeque glazed with Honey. To my opinion it taste like the honey chicken, my all time favourite chicken that I order at a food chain but different at some parts maybe because it has a taste of Italy? This chicken is tender from it’s skin to it’s meat. It has a very savory taste and I love it. You can eat the chicken up to the bones.

This chicken has a salty flavour. Yes, salty but very yummy. It has spices. You cannot really taste the garlic in it but I can assure that you can taste all the Parmesan without asking for more. I have nothing to say about this just munch all you want!


This chicken is the spiciest they have!!! WHOOO!!! I couldn’t finish it! I asked each Kabarako about their opinion, well some have high tolerance unlike me, so it wasn’t that spicy but it was very flavorful but to me who has a very low tolerance to spicy. You wouldn’t dare to try it to the fact that you will not be able to finish and just end up with 1-2 bites. Hey how about we make a challenge of this to our barkada right? First to finish and eat everything wins? Haha


This was the first dish served to us. I smelled the aroma, And yes. All was fresh! I mean it FRESH. You can smell the seafood and the tomatoes. The clam was fresh and when you eat it you can taste the pureness of the clam. No added preservatives.

So what is the difference between Italian and Filipino Carbonara? The Italian Carbonara isn’t as creamy like the Filipino Carbonara. The Carbonara isn’t so bad after all if you are used to a Filipino one. Because I can guarantee that they serve the best of food. I really enjoyed the meal. It was equally salty and creamy. It has Parmesan cheese to top it.

I was wondering what this dish was. I tasted it but it was pretty hard to tell. Is that meat? Is that mushroom? What is that thing? Then there it was. The owner/Chef told us that Melanzane is an eggplant. So this dish is made for people who loves a healthy meal. I can taste the oily pasta but I can say that it is a good oil for the heart sprinkled with eggplants. And for me as a non vegetarian I would love to order again for it has a very good flavour but at the same time healthy.


Hmmmmm sounds interesting right? Yes, It is very mouth watering. It is not your usual Turon here in the Philippines. It is made very thinly but with oozing chocolate and I can sure that this is one of the best dessert I have ever had. You gotta dip that Turon into the remaining chocolate if I were you to get that sweet taste.

Mga Kabarako you should definitely try this!!!! This is my favourite among all! One bite takes you to heaven. Seriously. It is a dessert called Salame, we couldn’t pinpoint what it’s made of. But it is especially made by the chef and it is all made up of chocolate. It also has an oozing chocolate to top it off. But seriously it is a heavenly dessert. It ain’t to sweet. But it’s also perfect for those who have sweet tooth.

Barako as a fan of food. We definitely recommend this place. It has all you need!


📍Gulod Labac, Batangas City
Opens from 11AM-9PM

(Article by: Ally Irineo)



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