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Bolbok Batangas City: Freshly Cooked Taho in a Tub Now Available Online!

taho in a tub

Taho in a tub: 100% natural and perfect for sharing!

Taho, a popular breakfast or snack in the Philippines, is created with warm silken tofu, sago pearls, and arnibal, a plain brown sugar syrup. It resembles a liquid custard. Sago pearls resemble tapioca pearls and boba, which are both ingredients in bubble tea. It may seem like an odd combination of ingredients to the indoctrinated, but trust me when I say it tastes just as good as I remembered it would when I first tried it.

Warm, sweet, and comforting taho is served with sago or tapioca pearls or silken tofu that has the consistency of custard. It is high in vitamins and mineral content that is beneficial to overall health. In fact, eating a lot of soy products can help prevent breast cancer, osteoporosis, and even cardiovascular disease.

Taho in a Tub

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy treat, then you need to try taho in a tub. This is a great option for those who are looking for a healthy snack or breakfast.

Taho is made with 100% natural soybeans and is free of preservatives. This makes it a healthy treat that you can enjoy.

Taho is often served with a small spoon so you can enjoy every last bit. Taho in a tub is a new, innovative way to enjoy this traditional treat, and is perfect for those on the go. Made with all-natural ingredients, taho in a tub is a guilt-free snack option that is sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re snacking at home or on the go, taho in a tub is the perfect treat.

taho in a tub

You can now order Taho in a tub online! This favorite Pinoy treat is available in small and barkada tubs, both perfect for sharing. Taho is on a pre-order basis because it is 100% natural beans and no preservatives are used, so it is freshly cooked before delivery.

Customers are advised to order ahead of time, as it needs at least 10 hours of preparation time. Taho is only available from Monday to Saturday, with delivery scheduled in the morning.

You can message their official Facebook page Taho in a tub or Contact: 0977-774-0172.

taho in a tub

The owner started the taho business because his daughter was very interested in taho. In fact, it was her favorite snack when she was growing up. He decided to build a taho kitchen in Batangas so that she could enjoy her favorite snack again. The family has successfully operated the business for 16 years.

They just stopped making taho for their own personal reasons. Then the pandemic happened and his daughter thought of a business with the help of her sister for additional income and for their taho business to live again, so they decided to come up with taho in a tub business so that the customer can enjoy spooning their own taho or DIY taho since nowadays there are only a few vendors who are selling it.

taho in a tub

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I am ambitious and I'm extremely enthusiastic about what I love to do.

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