CIUDAD FOOD AVENUE: “The Dream Food Hub For Batanguenyos”

Ciudad Food Avenue started as a dream of two Batanguenyo business partners who hoped of establishing a legacy in Batangas. The original drawn plan was simply placed at the back of a used calendar while conceptualizing the place. Months after, the said dream came into reality.

The team broke ground on October 2016 and roughly 11 months after, Ciudad Food Avenue was officially launched during its grand opening on September 23, 2017.

CIUDAD FOOD AVENUE : The First-Ever Food Park in Batangas City

The name “ciudad” was taken from the Spanish word for city, a place which provides all types of needs and services for its inhabitants. Ciudad Food Avenue in much the same way tries to provide Batanguenyo food fanatics all types of food that they could possibly want in one Food avenue. It presents a vibe and ambiance which could be at par with highly organized food hubs in the Philippines.

At present, Ciudad Food Avenue is home to 11 large restaurants serving a wide variety of dishes. Each establishment has a unique theme, concept, and specialty which only they could offer. It also houses 17 food carts which serve refreshments, pika pika and light to heavy snacks.

Main Establishments:

Cafe de Alps

Cafe de Alps. The first and only bus cafe in Batangas which serves rice meals, all-day American breakfast and pasta.

The only establishment within ciudad allowed to serve coffee, both hot and cold.

Cafe De Alps

Hotspot KTV

Hotspot KTV boasts of its cozy KTV rooms perfect for night outs and belting out tunes with family and friends.

Hotspot KTV Bar

Twins Wild Wings

Twins Wild Wings serves different preparations of Chicken wings to their clients.

Twins Wild Wings

Bulls and Booze

Bulls and Booze as the name suggest serves different types of steak and booze to please its guests.

Bulls and Booze

Big Boned Restobar

Big Boned Restobar exclusively serves different types of steak and booze with a western and Batanguenyo fusion of dish in addition to other dishes.

It likewise serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Big Boned Restobar

12×8 Pipe Bar and Restaurant

12×8 Pipe Bar and Restaurant a module-type industrial food plant wherein its layout is a food court rolled into one restaurant.

It is the only restaurant in Ciudad which has an acoustic band every night.

Batangas Boodle fight

TJ Sizzle Restobar

TJ Sizzle Restobar features its container -truck design and boasts of its sizzling plate meals cooked into perfection.

TJ Sizzle Restobar

Arcat Kitchen

Arcat Kitchen is the only restaurant in Ciudad that serves “lutong bahay” dishes with a twist to satisfy your food cravings.

Arcat Kitchen

Pier 151

Pier 151 brags of its unique set-up, a “ship restaurant” which exclusively plates sea food as its main dish.

Pier 151

Frozen Hub

Frozen Hub boasts of its Instagram-worthy crazy drinks and gelato.

The place likewise serves ala carte dishes and pasta.

Frozen Hub

Casa Del Rey

Casa del Rey serves native dishes which would scintillate your taste buds.

The dream is now a reality, Ciudad Food Avenue the dream food hub for Batanguenyos.


Ciudad Food Avenue, Diversion Road, Barangay Balagtas, Batangas City (near Batangas City Grand Terminal

(Sources: Patrick Sanchez, Photos/Videos Jhayzki/Law BarakoPH, Model: Michelle Mendoza, Miss Ciudad 2017)

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