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Discover Summer Cruise of San Luis, Batangas’ Diving Spots

San Luis, Batangas a coastal municipality boasting beaches, dive sites, and marine life forms. A weekend retreat to unwind with activities ideal for you!

Summer Cruise Diving Resort
Mundo ni Mona – San Luis Batangas

About San Luis, Batangas

San Luis, Batangas is a diving spot, and its neighboring coastal areas are known for their breathtaking coral reefs and marine life. San Luis is also famous for its diving destination due to the unexploited coral reefs.

San Luis is located 23 kilometers north of Batangas City in the Philippines. The town proper is 119 kilometers south of Manila, and it takes three (3) hours to get there by road. San Luis is bordered by Taal and Sta. Teresita to the north.

There’s more to this “jump off” than meets the eye in San Luis, Batangas. If you go to the east, facing the ocean, you’ll see a beautiful coral bed of hard corals. At ten meters, there is a resident turtle who greets divers who approach it.

Photo by: Travel and Inspirations

About Summer Cruise & Diving Resort

Summer Cruise is a diving resort in Brgy. Balite, San Luis, Batangas, which are about two hours from the metro. It has been in operation for eight years, offering its visitors the fascinating world of underwater tourist spots.
They just rebranded, giving the entire establishment a makeover and new vibrant hues. This change has attracted some tourists who have come to enjoy the site’s laid-back ambiance and activities.

What Things to do in Summer Cruise? 

    1. Snorkeling. Non-swimmers can still enjoy this activity because various areas surround the resort where coral beds flourish, and a variety of fish can be discovered.
    2. Skin Diving. You can follow and swim with other fish species and get a good glimpse of the soft and hard corals underwater if you can reach a few meters deep.
    3. Scuba Diving. They also introduce scuba diving, which includes all diving gear and equipment, entrance and environmental costs, and a divemaster. You can enjoy the ocean at a depth of 10 meters, whether you are a swimmer or not, and stay for an extended period of time without running out of air.

      Photo by: Althea’s Adventure

On your journey to San Luis, Batangas, don’t miss this must-see attraction. The marine sanctuary at Summer Cruise Diving Resort is teeming with different species of fish and coral. Due to its abundant marine life and numerous chances, the location is suitable for both snorkeling and diving.

How to get to Summer Cruise?

  • If you commute from Manila to Buendia, take a bus with Lemery Tambo Exit sign (DLTB Co.) Take a tricycle to San Luis, Brgy. Balite or Summer Cruise Parking A or B for 15-20 minutes and fare is Php 200.00.
  • If you have your automobile, you’ll need to take the South Luzon Expressway from Manila to Lipa, Batangas (SLEX). From the Lipa toll exit, turn right towards Alitagtag, Batangas. Along the way to Alitagtag or Lemery, there are street signs. When you reach the end of Alitagtag, turn right just before Sta. Teresita’s entrance, and you’ll be in San Luis. Waze can also be beneficial.

Other Places to go in San Luis, Batangas

Dambana ng Pagkabuhay

This structure may be found at San Luis, Batangas, in Brgy. Locloc, this is similar to Brazil’s statue  of Rio de Janeiro. You’ll have to hike upwards for around 2-3 kilometers from the town center to get to the statue.

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During Holy Week, it is stated that a large number of people visit  to conduct pilgrimage because of the station of the cross. It’s a religious quest to discover moral and spiritual meaning.

Ligpo Island is regarded as one of Batangas‘ greatest diving and snorkeling spots.

Photo by: Private Island Inc

Summer Cruise Diving Resort, and other places of San Luis, Batangas is ideal for macro photography for people who seek a less extreme but equally exciting underwater experience. If you want to discover the beautiful San Luis, Batangas, come and visit!


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