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Experience the Best Mamon-tastic Mamon de Tabla at DJMD Bakery!

Mamon de Tabla

Have a Mamon-tastic day with DJMD Bakery, Home of the Special Mamon de Tabla in Batangas City!

Photo credit: DJMD Bakery FB Page

It’s morning in Batangas City and the sun is already up, shining brightly. The city is bustling with people going about their daily lives. But there’s one place that’s always bustling with activity, no matter what time of day it is: DJMD Bakery.

Mamon de Tabla originated from GMD Bakery, a home grown local bakeshop in San Jose Batangas since 1986. Eventually, they were able to open 3 more branches: JMD Bakery located at San Carlos Lipa City, HJMD Bakery in Bolbok Lipa City and their newly opened branch, DJMD Bakery.

This family-owned bakery is famous for its mamon de tabla, a delicious sponge cake that comes in a variety of flavors. Plain, choco, ube, and pandan are all best sellers, and it’s not hard to see why. The mamon is light and fluffy, with a hint of buttery flavor that makes it irresistible.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a delicious dessert, DJMD Bakery is the place to go. The friendly staff is always happy to help, and the baked goods are sure to please. So next time you’re in Batangas City, be sure to stop by DJMD Bakery and try the mamon de tabla. You won’t be disappointed!

DJMD Bakery, also known as the House of Mamon de Tabla, is located in Blay dela Roca Building, Brgy. Calicanto Batangas City.

Mamon is a classic sponge cake, but the Filipino version is unique because of its buttery flavor. It also has a great variety of flavors. Some people adore the mamon “especial,” which they have prepared here with a sprinkle of sugar and cheese.

Photo credit: DJMD Bakery FB Page

However, depending on the bakery you go to, there are also other options like mocha and dulce de leche. Due to its popularity and convenience of consumption, the mamon de tabla cake is frequently served as dessert during celebrations and parties in the Philippines.

They go great with an afternoon cup of coffee or tea since they are delicate, light as air, and not overly sweet. If you’ve never tasted mamon, I suggest beginning with the most basic preparation: buttery with a dusting of sugar. To satisfy that savory-sweet yearning, try adding a sprinkle of cheese if you’re feeling a little more daring. Share part of it with a loved one when you do. Making enough to share is arguably the finest part.

Mamon de tabla is a popular treat for both children and adults, and can be found in most bakeries and snack shops in the city. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find a pastry that hits the spot at DJMD Bakery. They are here to satisfy your sweet tooth. So next time you’re in Batangas City, be sure to stop by and try one or two of these delicious treats at DJMD Bakery!

For more details, just visit their facebook page: DJMD Bakery – Batangas City or message Marlyn Reyes, 0917-844-3037.

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