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Experience the Beauty of Nature at Lakelands Balete Batangas

Batangas Lakelands, with its beautiful landscapes and endless entertainment, is home to many majestic treasures.

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Even taking time to stretch and rest can feel like a crime these days. With all of the stresses in our lives, we could all use a quick getaway. The Batangas Lakelands tour provides much-needed relief from the city’s ear-splitting noise. 

The tour is a promise to recharge and relax in the company of nature while spending time with your loved ones. Keep reading to know more about Batangas Lakelands!

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Batangas Lakelands is located at Leviste Highway in Balete, Batangas. Your journey begins at the Lima Park Hotel in Malvar, Batangas. It has a soothing atmosphere, bright and vibrant flora, and understated elegance.

The festive Amore Bus will transport you from the hotel to your first tour. The 24-seater bus will then take you to some of Batangas’ most tourist spots. 

Things to do in Batangas Lakelands

Marian Orchard – There are various religious monuments and prayer areas on the site, as well as fruit-bearing trees and lush greenery, and also a perfect sight of Mt. Maculot, as you go on a reflective journey if you decide to get to a packed station on the cross tour.

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Amore Point – Amore Point is a pier that serves as the Taal Lake Cruise’s landing and staging area. After such a spiritual journey at Marian Orchard. The Amore bus will then drive you to the Amore point. You’ll be able to see the glorious sun slowly sinking on the stunning Taal Lake from this viewpoint.

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Cruise Tour – The trip continues at Amore Point, where you can capture images of Taal Lake that seem like wallpaper. After snapping breathtaking shots, you’ll board a “luxury” cruise ship that will take you to Lakepoint Manakah, a well-kept lakeside site with amazing scenery of the lake.

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Aerial Tour – Aerial tours are also available for thrill-seekers. Guests can take a ride in a state-of-the-art Bell Helicopter for a breathtaking viewpoint. Bell Textron, Inc. is a brilliant aerospace company that produces high-quality, technologically advanced helicopters for both military and commercial use in the United States. It’s reasonable to say that this is the most luxurious and top-of-the-line experience attainable.

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Events and Activities

Pasyal-Lakad Para Sa Kalikasan – In appreciation of Philippine Environment Month, Batangas Lakelands is hosting a guided nature walking tour entitled “Pasyal-Lakad para sa Kalikasan,” with its around 20-hectare leisure zone, which will feature approximately 36 species trees. “The Bridges of Batangas Lakelands” will be featured on this walking tour. These are the six spectacular bamboo bridges that you’ll come across along the trip, each with its own uniqueness.

This walking tour is roughly 2 kilometers long and will take around an hour and a half to finish for only P400 per participant, which includes an environment-themed t-shirt. There is, however, a break around halfway through the trip.

Expenses and Package Offers

The Batangas Lakelands land trip is available in two packages: PHP 2,200 and PHP 3,180 per person. A Marian Orchard and Amore Point tour, as well as snacks and dinner, are included in both packages. The first package includes snacks and dinner at Amore Point, whereas the second includes snacks and dinner at the Lima Park Hotel Garden Room.

There are two options for the Batangas Lake Cruise: a sunset cruise and a morning cruise. The sunset cruise costs 4,200 pesos and includes snacks and a steak dinner in the Garden Room at Lima Park Hotel. The 3,240 pesos morning cruise includes snacks and lunch at Amore Point.

The thrilling aerial adventure will cost you at least 9,600 pesos. A lunch or steak dinner at Limapark Hotel’s Garden room is included in the aerial tour.

The Batangas Lakelands Tour wants to tell you one of the most important things. And that is to genuinely appreciate Batangas. You will then experience the journey of being in the moment, the sharp wind, the serenity of the daily, and the beautiful scenery of Batangas.

For inquiries or reservations, follow @batangaslakelands on Facebook or Instagram. And for more information, just visit, email [email protected]



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