How to avoid GCash Cash-In Fees Imposed by Card Payment Partners

GCash has always been essential for doing our transactions online. Though sometimes, it is quite a challenge to go out to cash in at participating stores. But now, GCash has made it even more convenient for you as you can cash in at the comfort of your own homes in two easy ways!

The first way to cash in is by using your linked Visa/MasterCard bank cards to your GCash account. This card linking means that any bank card which is a Visa/Mastercard can be used to cash-in your GCash account. However, cashing in this way entails a 2.58% convenience fee which is charged NOT by GCash but by your Card Payment partners. As such, all collected transaction fees using your Visa/Mastercard bank cards will all go directly to the card payment partners of GCash. In no way is GCash benefitting from this convenience fee for these are pass-on fees by GCash’s card payment partners.

But wait, want to know how you can still cash in for free? If yes, then the second way is the one for you. To be able to cash in without any transaction charge, use your linked BPI or UnionBank accounts. This is one of the perks of bank account linking. When you directly link your bank accounts to GCash, you can enjoy free cash in anytime, anywhere!

And because GCash is part of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ Instapay network, you can also conveniently cash in for FREE thru Instapay! As long as Instapay is supported by your bank of choice, you can enjoy free cash-in at your GCash account. For more details, you can click this link:

So what are you waiting for? Cash in now for GCash is still the best among all the mobile wallets in the market as it provides you lower charges for cash-in transactions for as low as P30. It is also remarkable that GCash has 70,000 partner merchants nationwide! There are also added services that can make online transactions more convenient with GCredit, Save, and GInvest.

And just when you think it cannot get any better, you can also conveniently pay your bills through GCash Pay Bills and do bank money transfers through GCash Bank Transfers. Enjoy GCash and have all that you need to know to make your life easier!


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