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KKK (Kundiman, Kwentuhan, Katuwaan) : Celebrating 10 Series of Kundiman and Filipino Music

KKK: Isang Online Performance Series ng mga Awiting Kundiman at iba pa

It was May 6, 2020, when the group first went live online. Inviting a few theatres and music friends to collaborate and perform songs from the archive compositions of well-loved Filipino composer, Nicanor Abelardo that these groups of four former UP MA Theatre Arts classmates realized that they are on to something special.

KKK or Kundiman, Kwentuhan at Katuwaan: Isang Online Performance Series ng mga Awiting Kundiman at Iba Pa was born out of the need to create and perform during this time of pandemic with limited movement outside and the only access for entertainment and information for everyone in social media. This project was initially conceptualized by Nazer Salcedo and Ron Binas who are both professional theatre and music practitioners. They brought in to collaborate, Greg de Leon, also a theatre and music professional; Jomel Reyes who helps out in creative management and design; Maestro Arne Sunico Lubasan, the resident pianist; and Mr. Vim Nadera as series host.

KKK became a program under Performatibo Manila, a project that the group has started since 2013 back during their UP days but was stopped due to work priorities and was now re-invented for the purpose of creating performance projects online with the goal to be current, adaptive, relatable and fresh for a new type of viewing space and audience.

Performatibo Manila and KKK and their collaborators are artists- educators and performance practitioners with a common objective of providing entertainment but with social relevance. An edutainment digital-based platform that aims to provide entertainment and Filipino music awareness through social media. These friends and collaborators are from the arts and music community all over the country and abroad who graciously share their time and talent for the project’s advocacy. They have performed, produced, and participated in many local and international projects which involve music and theatre performances. They have chosen to take part in many of the series to give the community an online show that has heritage value and provides alternative entertainment in this time of global pandemic that affected many.

As part of its programming as online performances and discussion series, it makes use of any available media and resources to expand its reach in creating awareness and promote one of the key cultural heritage of the Filipino, our own music, the traditional and regional. It also seeks to give our current generation the opportunity to become familiar and expand their knowledge of Filipino music history and culture through any available digital platform. Utilizing Facebook and Zoom Live capabilities, the online show integrates both recorded performances of artists/collaborators and live interviews/talks within the show program to try and achieve the organic essence and connection with an audience/viewer that we used to experience in a theatre auditorium.

Celebrating their 10th Series, this Wednesday, 16th of September at 7:00 PM, Performatibo Manila and KKK is offering KUNDIMAN DUETS, a curated set of songs that passionately reflects the very essence of the art collaboration and the beauty of Filipino music.

The project aims to continue telling more stories and history of our heritage to our youth today through music and in this time of global crisis, activities for the Filipino community like this one is showing how art can use to inspire, educate and entertain anywhere in the world.

Catch the KKK (Kundiman, Kwentuhan at Katuwaan) on Barako PH Facebook page on September 16, 2020 at 7PM.

For more details about Performatibo Manila and KKK (Kundiman, Kwentuhan at Katuwaan), you may visit their Youtube or Facebook account @Performatibo Manila and @KundimanKwentuhanKatuwaan. To support, you may contact: [email protected]


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