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Let’s make caring for Mother Nature viral online through the #DropYourTreePhoto and #NativeTreeChallenge


This is a banato tree. Mallotus philippensis. (Photo by Mike Maranan) #DropYourTreePhoto #NativeTreeChallenge

The #DropYourTreePhoto and #NativeTreeChallenge online advocacy is headed by My Superhero Friends Foundations, Inc., a non-stock and non-profit organization duly authorized by the Securities & Exchange Commission.

One of their core advocacies is spreading awareness of the importance of planting native trees for proper environmental protection, reforestation efforts, and the preservation of natural resources.

In partnership with Philippine Native Tree Enthusiasts and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), netizens can take part in this significant project that has a purpose of sharing awareness with all Filipinos about how important trees are and how to plant them for us and our environment.

Just post your photo with a tree on social media. You can do this in your yard or in any safe place. Use the hashtag #DropYourTreePhoto #NativeTreeChallenge.

My Superhero Friends Foundation, Inc. also conducts regular tree planting and tree nurturing activities as they aim to achieve planting One Million Trees by 2030!
Be an #EnvironmentDefender and join the #nativetreechallenge and #dropyourtreephoto challenge TODAY!


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