RAWR Awards 2021
RAWR Awards 2021

LionhearTV’s RAWR Awards are expanding their scope of awards for 2021

LionHearTV.net presents its own set of awards each year, dubbed the RAWR Awards. The term RAWR is merely a stylized version of the word ‘roar,’ which refers to the sound of the jungle king.

Each year, the awardees are people who have made a huge impression on the entertainment industry as a whole.

This year’s awards are divided into four categories: the Cub, the Lion, the Pride, and the Royal Awards.

RAWR AWARDS 2021 – Cub Awards

Beshie ng Taon.

In any story, he or she serves as the sidekick, the cheerleader for the Bida. He or she is sometimes neglected and taken for granted, but because of his or her commitment to telling and completing a story—he or she provides a unique support system for the lead—he or she deserves recognition as well.

Jericho Arceo, Don Bocco (The World Between Us)
Hasna Cabral (La Vida Lena)
Sue Ramirez (Oh My Dad)
Kiray Celis (Owe My Love)
Criza Taa (He’s Into Her)
Nikko Natividad (Init Sa Magdamag)
Ayra Mariano (Heartful Cafe)
DJ Jhai Ho (Kusina Ni Mamang)

Favorite Bida.

Bida is a term that refers to the star of a television show or a film. The Favorite Bida is someone who performed really well. Though the protagonists of the past were victims who allowed the antagonist to mistreat them, the Bida today understands how to fight back while still earning the audience’s sympathy.

Coco Martin (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano)
Charlie Dizon (Fan Girl)
Donny Pangilinan (He’s Into Her)
Maja Salvador (Niña Niño)
Glaiza de Castro (Nagbabagang Luha)
Sanya Lopez (First Yaya
Julie Anne San Jose (Heartful Cafe)
Andrea Brillantes (Huwag Kang Mangamba)

Favorite Kontrabida.

Any Bida will be less successful and persuasive if his or her ‘kontrabida’ falls short of expectations. The aforementioned award is granted to the antagonist who earned the audience’s hatred through their guts and who, if given the chance, can steal the focus from the protagonist. With numerous bankable artists becoming villains, one can only be dubbed the Ultimate Kontrabida.

Maxine Medina (First Yaya)
Agot Isidro (La Vida Lena)
John Arcilla (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano)
JM de Guzman (Init Sa Magdamag)
Gina Alajar (Nagbabagang Luha)
Iza Calzado (Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin)
Zanjoe Marudo (Walang Hanggang Paalam)
Carmina Villaroel (Babawiin Ko Ang Lahat)

Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

Not technically a newbie, but he or she is an artist, a personality who wowed the entertainment world with a fantastic performance and perhaps an accomplishment. It is a matter of creating a nice impression on the Filipino audience in order for them to see what he or she can still provide.
AJ Raval (Death of a Girlfriend)
DonBelle (He’s Into Her)
Sean de Guzman (Anak ng Macho Dancer)
Elijah Canlas (Gameboys 2)
Jane de Leon (FPJ’S Ang Probinsyano)
MiKel (The Lost Recipe)
Sanya Lopez (First Yaya)
Gigi de Lana (ASAP Natin ‘To)

Favorite Newbie.

Showcasing the newest faces or those who have recently entered the entertainment industry is one of the most fascinating aspects of this award-giving organization. He or she has captured the public’s imagination or the attention of discerning critics. Though the star is new, she has created a positive impression and has been awarded the seal of approval and is anticipated to have a bright future in the industry.

Claire Castro (Nagbabagang Luha)
KoDrea – Kobie Brown andAndi Abaya (Squad Plus)
JM Yosures (Tawag ng Tanghalan)
Gilian Vicencio (Hello Stranger)
RalphElla – Ella Cayabyab and Ralph Malibunas(Pasabuy)
Sean de Guzman (Anak ng Macho Dancer)
Jessica Villarubin
Criza Taa (He’s Into Her)

Bet na Bet na Teleserye

Each year, the caliber of our television shows and series has risen to new heights of competition, innovation, and awe. The plots become more complex or bizarre, and the artists improve. Indeed, these performances are testaments to the excellence of Filipino talent.

Legal Wives
Init sa Magdamag
FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano
The World Between Us
First Yaya
Niño Niña
Ang Sayo ay Akin
Huwag Kang Mangamba

Song of the Year

It represents the artist’s heart and soul and has an effect on the listeners. This is a song that defined a feeling for the public—it might be joy, grief, or agony. That song is something that the majority of people have LSS or last song syndrome for, or it can serve as an anthem for the entire year.

Mapa (SB19)
The Light (BGYO)
Born To Win (BINI)
Ihahatid Kita (The Juans)
Paubaya (Moira de la Torre)
Upuan (Ben & Ben)
Binibini (Zack Tabudlo)
‘Di Kawalan (Maymay Entrata)

Movie ng Taon

From September 2020 through September of this year, films have generated excitement not just for their stellar performances and storytelling, but also for capturing the attention of both viewers and critics. Each year, the domestic and international cinema industries release works that cause such a stir and even break box office records.

Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam
Dito At Doon
Gameboys: The Movie
Hello Stranger: The Movie
Fan Girl
Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar
The Boy Foretold by Stars

Digital Series of the Year

The pandemic opened the door for people to access entertainment via internet streaming services, as well as spawned additional digital content. As a result, digital series has grown in popularity. The RAWR Awards honor the work and ingenuity that go into such productions.

He’s Into Her
Click Like Share
Hoy! Love You
Oh, Mando!
Unloving You
House Arrest Of Us
Love Beneath the Star
GV Boys

Digital Influencer of the Year

The honoree embodies the image of today’s most sought-after online influencer. With the proliferation of digital content makers, competition has intensified; yet, only one has emerged and earned the trust of Netizens. The awardee contributes to the advancement of and responsibility as an online user via social media platforms.

Dr. Winston Kilimanjaro Creones Tiwaquen
Ayn Bernos
Marvin Fojas
Lyqa Maravilla
Arshie Larga
Fr. Fiel Pareja
Cong TV

RAWR AWARDS 2021 – Lion Awards

Actor of the Year

The award is intended to honor an exceptional male celebrity. He stood out from the other nominees in the category. He has demonstrated adaptability and exceptional competence in his craft; he has established a standard. He successfully depicted the role or character assigned to him and also impacted a large audience.

Jerald Napoles (Ang Babaeng Walang Pakiramdam)
Kokoy de Santos (Gameboys: The Movie)
Dennis Trillo (Legal Wives)
Paulo Avelino (Fan Girl)
Zanjoe Marudo (Walang Hanggang Paalam)
Dingdong Dantes (Descendants of the Sun)
Piolo Pascual (My Amanda)
JC Alcantara (Hello Stranger: The Movie)

Actress of the Year

This is to recognize an actress’s great performance. She defied all norms. She is a woman of talent and substance, and her character has aided in the empowerment of women. The award recognizes how the female artist has refuted the Filipino culture’s double standards for women and demonstrated that women can also play significant roles.

Alessandra de Rossi (My Amanda)
Maja Salvador (Niña Niño)
Charlie Dizon (Fan Girl)
Lovi Poe (The Other Wife)
Yam Concepcion (Init sa Magdamag)
Jodi Sta. Maria (Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin)
Sharon Cuneta (Revirginized)
Glaiza de Castro (Nagbabagang Luha)

Pak na Pak na Comedian

While most people believe that performing drama, action, or a seductive performance is difficult, making people laugh is even more difficult. Laughter is one of the best medicines known to man, and someone has to have the timing and ability to hurl the punchlines in order to produce that engaging humor.

Jose Manalo
Boobay and Tekla
Vice Ganda
Michael V.
Maine Mendoza
Chariz Solomon
Wally Bayola

Female News Personality and Male News Personality of the Year

The chosen news personality has made an outstanding contribution to journalism. He or she has persevered in the face of adversity. Apart from that, he or she has demonstrated a love for delivering interesting and notable stories to the public.

Raffy Tulfo
Mike Enriquez
Atom Araullo
Ivan Mayrina
Alvin Elchico
Henry Omaga-Diaz
Ed Lingao
Christian Esguerra

​Jessica Soho
Pinky Webb
Karen Davila
Chiara Zambrano
Korina Sanchez – Roxas
Cheryl Cosim
Kara David
Bernadette Sembrano

Love Team of the Year

This is given to the duo that our LionhearTV Cubs adore. It is a couple that has captured a large number of people. Not only do they inspire their supporters to believe in love, but they also serve as positive role models for their fans and the younger generation. They are two individuals who can be viewed through the on-and-off cam.

JakBie (Jak Roberto and Barbie Forteza)
RitKen (Rita Daniela and Ken Chan)
KiRae (Kira Balinger and Grae Fernandez)
SethDrea (Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes)​
​MiKel (Mikee Quintos and kelvin Miranda)
KyCine (Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz)
KarJon (Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza)
​DonBelle (Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano)

BL Tandem of the Year

Kokoy de Santos and Elijah Canlas (Gameboys the Movie)

Royce Cabrera & Kyo Quijano (Quaranthings)
Kokoy de Santos and Alex Diaz (Oh Mando!)
Yves Flores and Iyo Canlas (Stuck on You)
Enzo Santiago and Darwin Yu (My Extra Ordinary)
Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia (My Lockdown Romance)
JC Alcantara and Tony Labrusca (Hello Stranger the Movie)
Teejay Marquez & Jerome Ponce (Ben X Jim Forever)

Favorite Performer

The award is given to the performer who nailed both singing and dance. He or she is a true ‘performer’ through and through and has dominated the stage, outperforming the stiff competition. The prize exemplifies versatility.


Julie Anne San Jose

Daniel Padilla

Regine Velasquez

 KZ Tandingan


 ​Sarah Geronimo


Radio DJ of the Year

He or she is the individual and the radio’s favorite voice. Although they can only be heard, some radio stations have already included audio-visual elements into their programming, such as broadcasting on television or the Internet—his or her intended audience may now watch how he or she performs their job. However, that voice does not simply remain a voice; it also bears a significant obligation to have an influence.

 DJ Iska Morena (93.9 iFM)

 Papa Jackson (Energy FM 106.7)

 DJ Rico Panyero (Yes The Best 101.1)

 Lala Banderas (90.7 Love Radio)

 Lyka Barista (Yes The Best 101.1)

 DJ Kara (Energy FM 106.7)

Raqi Terra (90.7 Love Radio)

 Papa Obet (Barangay LS 97.1)

Favorite TV Host of the Year 

The Favorite TV Host is the face of any show that an audience can enjoy watching on any given day of the week or weekend. While some may argue that this is the easiest job in the industry, without the ability to communicate effectively and the confidence to carry a show, one cannot leave viewers wanting more. This host is truly exceptional, with his or her charisma and excellent abilities.

Willie Revillame

 Maine Mendoza

 Boy Abunda

 Angel Locsin

 Drew Arellano

 Toni Gonzaga

 Vice Ganda

 Billy Crawford

RAWR AWARDS 2021 – Pride Awards

Favorite Group

Apart from individual awards, this category honors the entertainment industry’s best group. While individuals may shine, there is no doubt that watching a group accomplish such feats in unison is a thrill.









Radio Station of the Year

Even if the digital platform has surpassed radio in popularity, the industry continues to innovate and strives to fight back and remain relevant over the years. Nothing rivals the spontaneity of radio listening. Whether you’re in the workplace or at home, driving or walking, the radio is still and will always be a pleasant friend.



 Wish 107.5

 Radyo 5

 Love Radio

 Barangay LS

 Energy FM

 Yes FM 101.1

Station of the Year 

The path to success is arduous; even the roads leading there are occasionally rocky and uneven. Competition amongst stations will always be intense, with each station attempting to outwit, outdo, and outperform any other effort or initiative for the purpose of ratings. However, at the end of the day, only those who have succeeded in impressing the public with exceptional branding, product quality, effective public relations, and even better service are truly successful.

A2Z 11


 CNN Philippines 9

 IBC 13

 PTV 4



 GMA Network 7


New categories for this year:

International Superstar of the Year

Filipinos are renowned for their talents. However, making it big on a worldwide stage and becoming a sensation is a another story. It honors individuals or groups who have achieved the status of international superstars in addition to being world-class performers.


DUA Lipa

Black Pink

Ed Sheeran

DUA Lipa

Olivia Rodrigo


 Lady Gaga

 Bella Poarch

Vlogger of the Year (Short and Long Forms)

As a result of the pandemic, an onslaught of vlogs has flooded the online domain. Numerous artists have jumped on board the bandwagon of developing their own brand of material. Mainstream artists recognized the platform’s profitability, and the majority of them began creating their own vlogs, whether short or long. However, it is not about the profitability of their initiatives, but about the vlogger’s ability to make a difference in the lives of his or her viewers.


Davao Conyo

 Yanyan De Jesus

 Esnyr Ranollo

 Philip Tanasas

 Zendee Rose Tenerefe

 Sassa Gurl

 Niana Guerrero

 Pipay Kipay


Donnalyn Bartolome

 Vice Ganda

Kim Chui

 Zeinab Harake

 Toni Gonzaga

 Ogie Diaz

 Agassi Ching

Couple Influencer of the Year

The psychology and phenomena of love teams continue to thrive in mainstream entertainment. It has also grown popular within the vlogging community. The award honors couple-influencers who are not only well-known but also inspiring and engaging.

 Junnie Boy Velasquez & Vien Iligan

Lincoln “Cong” Velasquez & Viy Cortez

 Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad (JaMill)

 Flow G and Angelica Yap

 Vikachka and Eugene

 Agassi Ching & Jai Asuncion

 Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte

 Kimpoy Feliciano and Angie Cayetano

Gaming Influencer of the Year

It is evident that gaming has progressed and impacted a great number of people in today’s world. The gaming industry has evolved into a sport. As such, it is only appropriate to recognize those who achieve in this field as well. Not only on a local scene but also internationally, gaming has developed solidarity or ties.

Ghost Wrecker (Elyson Caranza)



 Akosi Dogie



 Z4pnu Gaming

 Yawi Esports

Content Creator of the Year

Providing fresh content to an audience on a consistent basis is a mammoth undertaking. It’s similar to being a producer for a segment of a show or a whole production. It’s both tough and motivating for any creator. The goal is not merely to entertain, but also to educate and inspire the audience.

Agassi Ching

Nurse Even 

 Ivana Alawi

 Beks Batallion


 Christian Antolin

 Alex Gonzaga

 Dr. Kilimanguru

Podcast of the Year

A podcast is a continuous presentation of spoken word in the form of digital audio files that users can download for offline listening. This award recognizes a podcaster that provides a meaningful listening experience for his or her listeners, which may be amusing or informative.

Paano Ba ‘To The Podcast (Bianca Gonzales)

Adulting With Joyce Pring (Joyce Pring)

 Skypodcast (Kryz and Slater Young)

 Wake Up With Jim & Saab (Jim & Saab)

 Gabi ng Bading (Yani Villarosa/AC Soriano)

 Lecheng Pag-ibig ‘To (Sam YG & DJ Chacha)

 Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast (JP Habac/Antoinette Jadaone)

 Creepsilog (Glenn Tabarejos/Gideon Mendoza)

All winners are judged using the following criteria: 30% online votes; 30% activities/searches inside LionhearTV; 30% blogging community; and 30% selected public relations agencies/brands.

 Fan Club of the year

Each artist’s or group’s success is contingent upon a certain following, fans, or fan club. The unwavering support of the fans is priceless. As such, it is entirely appropriate to reward them with this award.




 Kapuso Brigade





Little Ponies











 Elijah Nation



 KarJack Nation


Most Admired Celebrities, Trending Show of the Year, PRs of the Year, Brandspeak, and PR Persons of the Year.

The voting period begins on October 18 and ends on November 28, 2021.

This year’s RAWR Awards theme is ‘Pagsibol,’ which promises a surprise announcement on the night of the awards.

Around 200 bloggers supported the digital awards last year, which were attended by all winners and their respective followers or followings.

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