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LOOK: Passenger with Spiderman-inspired face shield shares good vibes to commuters

Spiderman-inspired face shield

Netizen Mark Anthony Bonita spotted a fellow passenger on the LRT (Light Rail Transit) who got an improvised face shield from a water bottle container whose color and design imitated Spiderman.

It can be recalled that Department of Transportation (DOTr) implements mandatory use of face shields for all passengers using public transportation aside from face masks effective August 15, 2020.

The initiative aims to further reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in public transport facilities as health authorities have pointed out that the use of face shields and masks reduces exposure to and emission of respiratory droplets considerably.

When Mark Anthony asked the guy why he did that, the guy answered he only wanted to give goodvibes to people.

Meanwhile, stringent preventive measures are still in effect to contain the spread of COVID-19 in all public transport facilities.

These include the mandatory wearing of face mask, strict enforcement of the social distancing measure, and handwashing or hand sanitizing. Talking and using mobile phones are likewise discouraged inside all public transportation.


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