BALETE: Marian Orchard, Must Visit Catholic Pilgrimage Site

Marian Orchard

Marian Orchard, a sprawling Catholic theme park located in the municipality of Balete, Batangas.

It is only an hour and half’s drive away from Manila. Yet, despite its proximity to Manila and other cities, it has been kept hidden from mass tourism, making it a real oasis for those looking for quiet contemplations.

Location: Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Batangas

Open every day, from 7 am to 7 pm.

Holy Masses are celebrated every first Friday of the month, Saturdays, and Sundays at 4 pm.

“The MARIAN ORCHARD was started by Lazaro L. Katigbak in 1986, when he acquired the land where the Marian Orchard now stands.

Through the years, the Marian Orchard has grown into a prayer park that has now been visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors from different parts of the country and all over the world.

Then came a time when Larry L. Katigbak started to ponder about the long-term sustainability and continuity of the Marian Orchard.

In January 2015, Lazaro L. Katigbak and FAITH Colleges (First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities) entered into a partnership that led to the establishment of the MARIAN ORCHARD FAITH FOUNDATION INC (MOFFI), now duly-registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.

MOFFI, with the active involvement of FAITH, is now tasked to manage the overall affairs of the Marian Orchard.

In 2016 until early 2017, MOFFI has introduced the following: New Angels Gate, Rosarium, and Chimes of Mary. MOFFI also rehabilitated the Sacred Heart Chapel, Two Hearts Promenade, Visitors Center at The Ruins, Garden Steps, and the Via Crucis Garden.

For 2018, MOFFI hopes to unveil a second chapel—the Immaculate Heart of Mary—along with the Marian Plaza, Marian Museum, parking area inside Marian Orchard, Our Lady of Fatima Garden, and the St. Joseph The Carpenter’s Workshop.“(

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