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Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House is here to burst some appetizing meals for you!


Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House

Three ultimate favorites. COFFEE, MILK TEA, AND CHICKEN WINGS!

Filipinos’ have come to accept and appreciate milk tea and coffee as their personal savior in the modern world. And fried chicken is a classic soul meal that has never gone out of style. The greatest chicken recipes are always crisp and golden brown on the outside with some flavorful seasonings and sauces that you will surely enjoy.

Every individual’s relationship with coffee is unique. For some coffee addicts, coffee is a tradition. Coffee serves as a morning drill for some people, a day-starter for others, and medicine for some who simply cannot function without a cup in their hand. Every person craves coffee in a different way, and they also drink it in different ways.

Nowadays, milk tea is a popular beverage among Filipinos, particularly teenagers. It is a different kind of refreshment and Filipinos adore cold refreshments since the Philippines is a tropical country. Juices and sodas are always accessible whenever they want them, perhaps milk tea is a  new and fresh taste to them.

People typically eat chicken wings as an appetizer, a snack, or even as their main course at lunch or dinner. After considering this, people believe it is reasonable to claim that chicken wings are more well-liked than ever. The fact that there are so many chicken wing restaurants outside of the city is an indication that this white meat is ruling the food chain. Simply said, chicken wings are so delicious that they quickly become a crowd favorite.

Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House is currently taking flight over the city. It is a café, milk tea shop, or coffeehouse that specializes in serving coffee and milk teas. Also, they offer pastries, sandwiches, light snacks, and one of the ultimate favorites chicken wings.



For all coffee and tea fanatics in Batangas City, Mouthbomb coffee and tea house is a must-visit place. You can have a nice lunch or snack at Mouthbomb Coffee and Tea House. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the chicken wings and other treats are really delicious. But the delightful beverages are one the best that you can have at Mouthbomb. They offer an extensive selection of coffee and milk tea beverages that are sure to satisfy any coffee and milk tea lover.

Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House Menu

The following are some of the foods and drinks offered by Mouthbomb Coffee and Tea House that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy:

Mouthbomb / Holy Trinity Church

Mouthbomb / Holy Trinity Church
Photo credit: Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House

Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House Delivery:

Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House is located at Santolan National Road Pallocan West Batangas City in front of the Holy Trinity Parish Church in Batangas City. This is the ideal location for both a fast pick-me-up and a relaxing spot to unwind and socialize with friends after a hectic schedule or a church visit in front of the place. You can have them via dine-in, take-out or for delivery. Mouthbomb is open every Monday to Sunday at  10 am to 9 pm.

So what are you still waiting for? Visit Mouthbomb Coffee and Tea House today to discover for yourself why it’s the ideal location for unwinding and savoring a delectable cup of coffee or tea with some snacks. They will appreciate your soonest visit!

Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House Contact Numbers:

You can message or call them via: 09052148614 or e-mail them at:[email protected].

Facebook page: Mouthbomb Coffee & Tea House

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Written by Ysabella Marie Aldovino

Live what you love. Catalyst of change.
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