BATANGAS CITY: SILYA Mini-Me at SM City Batangas

The SILYA (Sa Iyo Lolo at Lola Yantok aming Alay) Program for the elderly was turned over at SM City Batangas last July 10, 2017 with its advocacy to provide comfortable seating areas for the elders in public places such as shopping malls.

After learnings have been clearly established by Mr. Alcala that his rocking chairs are “most attractive” to kids as a toy with its real meaning and the value lost in all the fun of rocking, with safety in mind and instead of asking the kids to stop playing with the rocking chair, Mr. Alcala was encouraged to use his S.I.L.Y.A. to educate the young minds of its true meaning and the value of caring for the elderly that comes with it as he also relates with the saying: “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

Just recently turned-over at SM City Batangas and the first in all SM Malls, SILYA Mini-Me is envisioned to inspire the future generation the value of caring for the elderly that comes with the rocking chair.


Shown in photos during the official turnover of SILYA Mini-Me at SM City Batangas are (L-R) SILYA Advocate Mr. Tito Alcala, SM City Batangas Mall Manager Gemina Buenaflor and SM South 4 Group Operations Manager Cid Victoria.



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