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THE SHIFT: Facing the Future with Food Innovations

Hult Prize Batangas State University-Main Campus II


BSU Hult PrizeMore exciting opportunities! Hult Prize Batangas State University-Main Campus II amplifies progress for the 2021 challenge – Food for Good.

Here comes The Shift: Facing the Future with Food Innovations.

This seminar will squeeze out how you can build ideas and create food innovations then bring it to the world. Prepare to learn from renowned speakers from international and local regions. Discover your potential on the 31st of  October from (start time-end time).

Catch it on Zoom and Facebook Live Event here.

Peeling off, we reveal the topics to be harvested.

  1.  What is Food Innovation? You will be learning about the creative and original development of food products and processes.
  2. How Technology is Remaking the Future of Food? Extract the potential of the food of tomorrow optimized by today’s technology.
  3. Experiences in World Food Innovation. Digest the experiences in food innovation that will be shared to you gained around the world


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