Tuy, Batangas, Home of Kambingan Festival

Kambingan Festival in Tuy, Batangas is one of the province’s most anticipated events. Come and be part of this festival!

Photo credits: Jey Cerrado

About Tuy, Batangas

Tuy is situated between the cities of Balayan and Nasugbu. Tuy town proper is also sandwiched between two rivers: the Mataywanac/Salipit River to the north and the Obispo River to the south.

Tuy, Batangas is an upland municipality on the western edge of Batangas Province, about 98 kilometers west of Manila and 55 kilometers west of Batangas City. It is primarily agrarian with only some urbanization. It covers a total of 12,238 hectares of land. 

Tuy was still a part of Balayan, Batangas’ previous capital, under the Spanish occupation. Tuy did not gain independence until August 12, 1866. Don Savador Elio chose the name “Tuy” in honor of his hometown of “Tuy” in Galicia, Spain.

Story of Kambingan Festival

Kambingan Festival is a town festivity celebrated annually on the founding anniversary of Tuy, Batangas. The Kambingan Festival is an annual festival held in Tuy, Batangas, Philippines. On the town’s founding anniversary, it is commemorated by a resolution signed by the Sangguniang Bayan. 

“Goat-raising” is one of the primary sources of revenue for Tuynians. In light of this, Tuy’s elected mayor, Hon. Jose Jecerell Cerrado pushed for the holding of the “Kambingan Festival.” This is commemorated to highlight the various goods made from goats. 

People from every barangay in Tuy and students from multiple schools engage in this event every year by competing in multiple contests such as street dancing, mini band competitions, goat costumes, cooking competitions, etc. 

This activity highlights the significance of the Kambingan Festival; despite hearing about it, they are unaware of how it benefits the tourism industry. Furthermore, many individuals are unfamiliar with this holiday as a part of their culture.

Photo credits: Jey Cerrado
Photo credits: Jey Cerrado

Salagubang Pestebal

The farming community in Batangas’ western region has identified a novel, cost-efficient, and effective solution to bugs wreaking havoc on sugarcane plantations. In this small village, farmers do not use insecticides to clear their farms of pests. They eliminate the threat by simply devouring it.

Salagubang Pestebal was born to find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to control salagubang infestations. Salagubang Pestebal kicks up with a float parade featuring Salagubang mascots. There are additional sports like the salagubang race and wrestling and “That’s My Salagubang,” in which contestants dress up like Salagubangs. Another was the Salagubang Fear Factor Challenge, which required contestants to complete tasks such as eating a live salagubang or lying for the most extended period on a bed of salagubang.

The Langhap Sarap Cooking Challenge was the festival’s most anticipated event. Of course, salagubang is the main element. Participants were free to construct their dishes as long as the salagubang was highlighted.

Photo credits: Rafael Altuvar

How to go to Tuy?

Depending on whatever section of the province you’re visiting, which part of Manila you’re coming from, and how congested the roads are, Batangas is only two to three hours away from Manila. 

To Batangas, there are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses. The South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) will be used by all buses. However, they will depart at separate points. Vans also transport passengers to various locations of Batangas.

What are you waiting for? Visit Tuy, Batangas now, the Home of Kambingan Festival.


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