Ulupong Falls: Hidden Gem of Lobo, Batangas

Are you fond of trekking or into adventure and is looking for relaxing place to visit? Ulupong Falls is perfect for you. If you are interested, dip in.

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Lobo Batangas is very well known for having beautiful beaches and attractions to visit such as Malabrigo beach and Lighthouse, Jaybanga Rice Terraces, and Submarine Garden. But apart from those, there are several places that is not familiar to non-locals like the Ulupong Falls located at Barangay Sawang Lobo, Batangas.

This hidden gem from Sawang, Lobo is quite not known for most people that are not living in the area. Mainly because if you go to Lobo, the first thing that you might probably want to go to are those places that are all over the internet and have been “the talk of the town”, or simply those that are famous tourist spots.

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For those living in the busy city who want to get away for some time, for those looking for a place to go, near and beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful place yet aiming for adventure time, Ulupong Falls may be the answer to your search.

What is Ulupong Falls?

Ulupong Falls has a tick of over 12 feet high. It is surround by rock formations that is strikingly beautiful in which cold and clean water flows through from the water basin of Lobo River.

Noticeably around the falls are huge rock formations that surround the falls causing for a small lagoon to be formed. From the Lobo River, the water will gradually flow to different channels of passageway and will reach up to Sawang and through Ulupong Falls. This is where people can swim and soak in. The area is surrounded by trees and lot of greens, in which apart from the falls, visitors can enjoy the relaxing sceneries from the nature.

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True Value of Ulupong Falls

Apart from dipping, swimming in the water, and enjoying the view, another thing that makes Ulupong Falls really valuable to the locals is because it also serves as a provider to all necessities that they needed that ranges from food production, farming benefits and water supplies.

With this little cascade of Sawang, the locals are free to use water from the falls for the irrigation of crops nearby. This helps them to grow food for themselves or create income that comes from it. This has become another way of living for most of the residents of Sawang and other nearby places.

How to get to Ulupong Falls?

Ulupong Falls is situated in a very accessible area in Lobo. To be able to reach this, you will have to go through a 20 to 30 minutes jeepney ride from the town. Before you can actually reach Ulupong Falls, one thing that you can probably enjoy is a long trekking. It will take approximately another 20 to 50 minutes of walking in a rough, rocky, and wet path.

The place is surrounded by different kinds of trees, plants, and grass. Basically, this looks like a jungle canopy that makes the area looks like it has not discovered yet by people for a very long time.

But if you’re from Manila, take a bus going to Batangas Pier then ask the conductor to drop you off at the Grand Terminal. From there, you may ride a jeep going to Lobo Jeep Terminal. Finally, ride a jeep at that terminal going to Lobo proper.

Important Notes!

The falls is located almost in the middle of jungle-like settings, that is why there is no available accommodations for the visitors. No rooms and cottages, or comfort room for you to change clothes. Also, no one is actually facilitating it and the area is free to anyone who visits, that’s why there is a great chance that you are not the only one who wants to enjoy it and might be full by the time you get there. There are no stores there or any available food, so it is better if you bring your own food and enough drinking water upon going there.

In addition, it is not advisable to bring kids because it could be dangerous for them to have long and tiring trekking on slippery and rocky area. You can also wear appropriate and comfortable clothes, like hiking shoes, leggings or sweatpants, rash guards or shirt that is suitable for a long trek that is best for your own safety.

Visit Ulupong Falls now and experience the beauty and calmness of the nature that you could only seen in Lobo, Batangas.


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