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WATCH: Netflix’s Lucifer gives Pinoy fans a treat by speaking Tagalog

Lucifer Morningstar speaks Tagalog

Netflix original series “Lucifer” premiered its 5th season on August 21, 2020 with 8 new original series.

The story revolves around Lucifer Morningstar played by Welsh actor Tom Ellis.  It is a story of a demon, who returns from hell to reside in Los Angeles where he runs a club. He soon gets involved with the local authorities and assists them in solving tricky criminal cases.

On the 7th episode of Season 5 while they are conducting an investigation they stumbled upon a Filipina grandmother who only wants to speak in Filipino. Lucifer himself went on and spoke a few lines in Filipino.

Watch the short clip below.

Because of this the word “Tagalog” is trending on Twitter since yesterday in the Philippines.

What a treat for a country and its Pinoy fans that are currently celebrating Buwan ng Wika for the whole month of August.
Netflix Lucifer


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