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Montemaria Shrine in Batangas: The Concealed Place in Batangas City

Fun! Fascinating! It feels good to get to places you haven’t been. If you are interested in Batangas, join me to discover its hidden treasure

Montemaria Shrine

Batangas is known for various products, including embroidery, ‘balisong’ or butterfly knives, and ‘kapeng barako’ or brewed coffee. The province is a popular destination for tourists because of its well-known beaches. It also includes churches you can visit, just like the concealed and cherished place of the Montemaria Shrine.

There are many well-known churches in Batangas City. It is undeniably beautiful and has a story, and Montemaria Shrine is one of them.


Montemaria International Pilgrimage & Conference Center, a faith-based tourist destination and a legacy project of Batangas Gov. Dodo Mandanas, MAPI’s founding chairman, is located in the heart of the 130-hectare township.

The Mother of All Asia Tower of Peace is a monument to the Blessed Virgin Mary that symbolizes peace and unity in Asia and the rest of the world. With a height of 98.15 meters (322 feet) measured from the ground to the tip of the cross on top of its crown, it is the world’s tallest statue of Mary. 

And it’s not just a place where you’ll watch the beautiful scenery. You can get married in this place if you want a memorable wedding.

Often when there are such places and new in people’s sight, they ask if there is an entrance fee to it. If you want to go to Montemaria, there is NO PAYMENT. It’s free! And for those with private vehicles, there is parking reserved for cars.

Montemaria Batangas Mass Schedule

The one above is the schedule of the mass in Montemaria before the pandemic came. However, there are regular changes to adjust to the new normal brought by COVID-19.

For those who want to visit Montemaria, get the latest updates through their official Facebook page. Below is the link where you can see their latest post about the mass schedule.

Montemaria International Pilgrimage & Conference Center

Where is Montemaria located?

Montemaria Shrine (Montemaria International Pilgrimage and Conference Center) is located at Barangay Pagkilatan in Batangas City.

Batangas City, often known as the “Industrial Port City of Calabarzon,” is one of the Philippines’ fastest-growing cities. The Batangas International Port, one of the Philippines’ busiest passenger and container facilities, is located there.

It houses one of the country’s largest oil refineries, three natural gas power plants, and a variety of other vital industries.
Batangas City is located on the coast of Batangas Bay in the province of Batangas. It is bounded on the north by San Jose, on the south by Verde Island Passage, on the east by Ibaan, Taysan, and Lobo, and on the west by San Pascual.

From northeast to southwest, the Calumpang River runs through the city. The plains are to the west of the Calumpang River, while the foothills and mountains are to the east.

The first Spanish missionary arrived in Batangas due to migration. The Spanish authorities established a pueblo in the area in the year 1581. The town was given the name “Batangan” because of the abundance of large logs. Locally known as “batang.”

Don Agustin Casilao, an appointee of the Spanish government, was the first governadorcillo.

When the Japanese arrived, and the war ended, Batangas was among those who were not spared. During the Japanese A6M Zero bombardment, the city was severely damaged, and the Batangas Airport was completely destroyed. The Japanese authorities appointed a man named Roman L. Perez as Mayor on December 12, 1941.

 What is the Origin of Batangas?

Batangas is derived from the term ‘batang,’ which means logs (trunks or large branches of trees). According to legend, floating logs, locally known as batang, were all over the river. The term batang is said to be the origin of Batangan, the city’s and province’s previous names.

Batangas’ historical and contemporary evolution is inextricably linked to its primary river in Eastern Batangas, the Calumpang River, dubbed the “Nile of Batangas.” It is said to have the shape of a tuning fork. As a result, it is natural for Batangas to flow its identity.

How to go to Montemaria Shrine in Batangas?

From Manila, it takes 3-4 hours to Montemaria Shrine, depending on traffic and road conditions. From Manila (Buendia Bus Terminal), board a bus bound for Batangas Grand Terminal. DLTB and JAM are running this route.

Get off at Batangas Grand Terminal. From there, take a jeepney to SM Batangas, and from SM Batangas jeepney terminal, take a jeepney bound for Ilijan and tell the driver to drop you off at Montemaria Shrine.

Of course, now that you know the location of Montemaria, you should also know what else is here. If you want to know more, continue reading!

Other places you should visit when you are in Montemaria. 

The Gigantic Statue of Mary. This huge landmark, officially known as the Statue of Mary, Mother of All Asia, is unquestionably the most iconic edifice in the sprawling pilgrimage and retreat/retirement complex. 

It stands taller than New York’s Statue of Liberty and the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at over 98 meters.

The Chapels. Within the grounds, there are two chapels: the Sto. Nio Chapel and the Chapel of St. John Paul II.

 Cenacle Restaurant & Event Center. You can get some food here if you feel hungry. The structure also serves as a location for events.

 Retreat Facilities. The retreat and retirement facilities are available on the property. Organizations and businesses can also hold team-building exercises here.

 Souvenir Shop. Rosaries, bracelets, keychains, books, and other religious items are available for purchase.

 Do you enjoy such activities? To travel around the world or search for things in one place. Why didn’t you visit the province of Batangas? 

You should try and find out how beautiful the places in Batangas City are. Don’t hesitate to visit such beautiful sceneries, get ready and travel!

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